Christopher Colombo statues in the US are destroyed

A statue of Christopher Colombos was left headless in Boston, another was damaged in Miami, a third was thrown into a lake in Virginia, and another crashed in Saint Paul, Minnesota, after the death of African-American George Floyd who killed by a police officer. The Italian explorer has been the subject of controversy in the US for years.

The Genoese sailor, who has gone down in history as the man who discovered America, is often considered one of the symbols of genocide against indigenous peoples. Dozens of American cities have replaced the Colombian Day celebrations in October – which became a holiday in 1937 – with a day of remembrance for “indigenous peoples.” But neither Boston nor New York, which has a strong Italian community to which this day is dedicated, has done so.

An investigation has been opened in Boston for the decapitation of the monument, but no one has been arrested so far, a local police spokesman said. The mayor of Boston said the statue would be removed, and a final decision on its fate would be awaited. “I think it’s good to take advantage of things” in the wave of anti-racism that is shaking the United States, “a Boston resident told AFP in front of the damaged Columbus monument. “Like the African-Americans in this country, the locals were harassed.

This move is powerful, and the destruction of the monument is very symbolic,” she said. In Miami, Florida, the statue in the park was damaged in red with the words Black Lives Matter and George Floyd written on it. Another statue of the explorer crashed Tuesday night in Richmond, Virginia, and with the help of a rope was pulled into the lake. The movement, which attacks symbols of America’s slave-owning and racist past, has hit other countries as well, particularly Britain and Belgium, where statutes representing figures from the colonial era have been targeted in recent days. Reuters reports that a Colombian statue in Saint Paul, Minnesota, was destroyed today.