Fear of a second wave of pandemic, 11 states restore isolation measures

Fear of a second wave of COVID-19 pandemics has spread around the world, as finding the right approach between facilitation and restraint is proving problematic for many states.

At least 11 of them have returned some or all of the restrictions, to prevent a second deadly wave, as the number of cases began to rise. Japan, China, South Korea, Lebanon, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have been forced to return local quarantines or widespread closures, writes The Telegraph.

Dr. Hans Kluge, director of Europe for the World Health Organization, has warned European countries to prepare for a second deadly wave of infections, saying now is “the time to prepare, not to celebrate”.

Japan was the first country to face a second wave, following the lifting of restrictions in mid-March. As of April 12, the state has declared a state of emergency for the second time, deciding to close schools, stop large rallies, and recommend that people stay at home.

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