WHO members agree to investigate the response to coronavirus

The member states of the World Health Organization have agreed to launch an independent investigation into the global response to coronavirus pandemics.

This resolution, adopted without opposition by 194 member states, during an annual meeting, this time virtually in Geneva, also allows investigations to be extended to the role of this health body itself, as the WHO has been criticized for declaring late health emergency. The United States in particular has sharply criticized the response.

The European Union has introduced the resolution on behalf of 100 nations. The document calls for an “independent and substantive assessment” of the international response.

WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has already agreed to review the agency’s decisions on pandemics. He said an independent assessment could show which actions need to be learned, and that each recommendation could be implemented “as soon as possible”. According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 4 million cases of coronavirus have been reported so far, while over 300,000 have died.

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