Health Expert: Take 10 minutes of sunlight every day, reduce the risk of coronavirus

A health expert in Australia says sun exposure for just 10 minutes a day can greatly reduce the risk of contact with COVID-19. Skin cancer researcher Dr Rachel Neale noted that having low levels of vitamin D increases susceptibility to the virus.

“Now more than ever it is not the time to be deficient in vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D in the body increases the risk of developing coronavirus symptoms, but even if we are affected, we are more likely to have more aggravated symptoms. This is because vitamin D has a significant effect on the immune system, “said Dr. Neale.

In a study last year, Rachel Neale found that the right amount of vitamin D in the body reduced the risk of acute respiratory infections. A disease which, if in contact with coronavirus, can lead to fatality. Dr Neale said she takes five to 10 minutes of sunlight each day to stimulate the production of vitamin D in her body.

Although Dr. Neale suggests that we get vitamin D through sunlight, she says that if people are unable to get out of their homes, they can get this vitamin through medication.

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