Following the closure of the pandemic, VW resumes operations at Europe’s largest car factory

Photo Illustration Volkswagen has resumed operations at its largest plant in northern Germany. According to an announcement, VW said 8,000 workers in the city of Wolfsburg began work under tight hygiene restrictions to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

1,400 cars are expected to be built this week, while next week production will include more than 6,000 vehicles, about 40 percent of pre-crisis levels. “Step-by-step resumption of production is an important signal for the workforce, traders, suppliers and the economy. In terms of crisis management, this is only the first step.

Another moment is needed to stimulate demand in Germany and across Europe so that production volumes can grow successfully, ”said Ralf Brandstaetter, chief operating officer of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand.

Volkswagen began production in several German cities in early April and resumed production in Germany and Slovakia on 20 April. This week the company plans to resume production in Portugal, Spain, Russia, South Africa and South America.

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