About half a million affected by COVID-19 in the US

US In the US, the death toll from coronavirus reached 16,600 today (Friday). Experts say there are signs that the outbreak of pandemic may be near the peak. Recent data shows that the curve of new infections is flattening in the state of New York, the epicenter of the US eruption.

But Americans, say medical experts, must resist the temptation to give up social distancing, already showing signs of progress in the battle against coronavirus. Deaths in the United States, which ranks second in the world, hit record highs on Tuesday and Wednesday with over 1,900 deaths reported each day.

On Thursday the death toll rose to over 1,600. The number of people affected in the United States today has reached over 466,686. The United States is experiencing a “very bad week” as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, said renowned expert Anthony Fauci.

But he added that respecting the American public’s measures of physical distance and other restrictions is significantly lowering the number of deaths from the virus.

According to the latest estimates, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 is likely to reach about 60,000 and not 100 or 200 thousand as predicted days ago, said the American expert.

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