There are three variants of coronavirus circulating in the world

There are three main types of new coronavirus that infect humans, scientists say.

The genetic history of the coronavirus was compiled from December 24 to March 4, revealing three distinct but closely related variants, reports the Daily Mail.

Researchers from Cambridge University found that the virus now seen in Wuhan, China and Asia is not the only variant.

Instead, this virus (known as type 😎 comes from the original SARS-CoV-2 virus which penetrated humans from the naked through pangolins (type A).

Type A is the version that is now most prevalent in America and Australia.

Another variant, called type C, comes from type B of Wuhan, and spread to Europe through Singapore.

Scientists believe the virus may be constantly undergoing changes to overcome different levels of immune system resistance in different populations.

The study did not suggest whether all three levels have the same degree of aggressiveness.

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