Strong speech of the journalist: Coronavirus does not hit the poor and the rich equally (Video)

Emily Maitlis The speech of a BBC journalist went viral on her country’s social networks. Emily Maitlis addressed the viewers of television with simple words, which have made a lot of noise on social networks.

She said the allegation that coronavirus strikes both the rich and the poor does not stand. Maitlis said coronavirus is not an excellent levelifier, as some claim. Below is her speech: “Good evening.

The language around Covid-19 sometimes looks ugly and misleading. You will not survive the disease through the strength and power of character, whatever the prime minister’s colleagues say.

And the disease is not a good leveling, the consequences of which will affect everyone equally, rich and poor. This is a myth that needs to be dispelled. Those on the front lines – bus drivers, supermarket employees, nurses, asylum seekers, hospital staff, shopkeepers, guards – are disproportionately low-paid members of our workforce. .

They are more likely to become infected because they are more exposed. Those living in smaller mansions and apartments will find it more difficult to isolate. Those who are in manual labor will find it more difficult to work from home.

This is a health issue with major consequences for social welfare and it is an issue with major consequences for public health. “As France enters the recession and the World Health Organization warns that pandemics could provoke deep economic downturns in our lives, we ask what social solution will be offered to stop inequality from deepening.”

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