“Fewer predicted deaths – Americans are doing a great job”-Donald Trump

President Donald Trump says the main coronavirus model now predicts fewer deaths in the U.S. than before as Americans are doing “a good job.”

The influential model that accompanies the American coronavirus epidemic now predicts fewer deaths and hospitalizations compared to last week. The model predicted yesterday that the virus would kill 60,000 people in the United States over the next four months.

That’s 33,000 fewer deaths than last Thursday’s estimates, CNN reports. While the U.S. is expected to face a shortage of 16,000 hospital beds, it turns out that this model will require 168,000 less than expected.

The big change in the model came on Sunday with a huge influx of new data, said Christopher Marie, director of the Institute for Measurement and Health Assessment at the University of Washington School of Medicine, who re-introduced the model.

“The main coronavirus model now predicts fewer deaths than in previous model predictions. That’s because people in America are doing a great job. Social distance. Just keep it,” Trump wrote on Twitter.