Careful! The latest study draws attention: The 1.5 meter distance is not safe for …

Social distance to protect against coronavirus, ie 1.5 meters distance is not effective Scientists and experts have continued to research the ways in which the virus spreads, as well as how the virus behaved in different environments.

Recently, a new study showed that social distance to protect against coronavirus, ie 1.5 meters, is not effective for all those who run. In an illustrative video published by

Dailymail, “Ansys” shows how people spit out their mouths while running and spread at a higher speed over a wider area, which consequently affects people who stay parallel to them, although the distance of 1.5 meters is preserved.

Again, this is not a safeguard. Therefore, for all those who want to run during the coronavirus crisis, experts recommend a greater distance, more protection.

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