At a hospital in Detroit, people die in the hallways – nurses refuse to work

Staff at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit have told a shocking story about the conditions in which they work with coronavirus patients.

The hospital is so crowded with staff that staff have no choice but to place four in a room, although it is common to have no more than two. Due to the lack of space, patients with respirators lie in corridors where they mix with people who have just come to seek help for some other reason.

Nurses said they saw two people dying in bed in the hallway. One patient died because simply no one had time to reach him to see that he had no pulse. Due to the unbearable situation, seven nurses refused to continue their work on Saturday evening, until “reinforcements” were sent to them in the form of nurses from other hospitals.

Michigan is the third largest US state with the highest number of coronavirus infections. Less than a month ago, there were 300 of them, and now there are more than 20,000. The problem for Sinai-Grace Hospital is the fact that it is located near some nursing homes that are increasingly infected and are coming to the rescue. “We have no other choice.

We put patients in operating rooms, hallways and all the spaces we can use. We don’t know how much more we can do. People are running out of energy,” said hospital director Brian Taylor. Four staff members who spoke anonymously to CNN said they heard sounds from respirators in the hallways, but simply failed to visit all patients.

“Patients who are in a very serious condition and who have obvious symptoms of coronavirus cannot be resuscitated, as they are in poor condition and the risk of infection is very high,” they said. “The hospital looks like a war zone. Patients are everywhere, also equipment. There is chaos, doctors and nurses are running around. It’s awful,” a hospital employee said.

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