Joe Biden: Many Americans are suffering because of Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden had a “friendly” telephone conversation about coronavirus, and the Democratic presidential candidate attacked the way Trump responded to the pandemic. “Donald Trump is not guilty of coronavirus.

But he is responsible for our response, “said Biden. “Many Americans are suffering from his wrong moves and delays,” he added. “The president must use the powers that federal law gives him to ensure the production of protective equipment for health care workers, provide health insurance for those who remain, and coordinate federal efforts to provide supplies,” Biden continued.

“The United States needs to coordinate its global response to this unprecedented public health crisis, as well as its long-term economic impact,” he said. “Trump likes to say he’s the president of the war. But start doing that, “Biden said.

The day before, Biden and Trump were talking on the phone about Covid-19, a disease that killed over 12,000 Americans. They agreed not to share the details of the interview.

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