How to tell if sneezing is an allergy or Covid-19?

The arrival of spring can cause us to suspect that a sneeze may be a sign of an allergy or coronavirus. According to the National Health Service, the main symptoms are a persistent fever and cough.

But what makes it even more difficult is that some people may be asymptomatic, which means they can still spread Covid-19 without knowing it.

There are also reports of other symptoms, which may indicate that you have coronavirus. Is sneezing a symptom of coronavirus? Coronavirus can be spread through coughing or sneezing drops.

Sneezing itself is not a symptom of coronavirus. But you should know that although it is not a symptom, you can still spread coronavirus through sneezing.

This means that it is important to cover your mouth and nose if you feel sneezing. Is it an allergy or coronavirus? For many people, sneezing can be a symptom of the onset of spring allergies.

Other symptoms of this include eye blockage and itching. Dr David Cutler, a family medicine doctor at Providence Saint John Health Center in California, said: “Allergies should not cause fever or body aches.” Allergy symptoms tend to change with the environment, worsening with exposure to dust, pollen, or animal moisture, while cold symptoms tend to persist regardless of time of day, weather, locality, or other environmental factors.

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