Coronavirus, Italian physicist: Stage 2 will last 6 to 8 months

Alessandro Vespignani The director of the Institute of Network Science at the Northeast University in Boston, physicist Alessandro Vespignani, explained how long the second phase could last in Italy after the coronavirus pandemic closes.

“For me it is a process that I see for the next 6-8 months. The second phase will continue for a long time. We cannot imagine a war won as we will have other battles and we should not think that we can return to full normalcy in July or August, “Vespignani said.

“Now in Italy we are at a stage of positive trend, but in the coming weeks I would not rush to remove the measures as there are still many cases.

The means to get out of the emergency in the safest way will have to be provided: we want let’s go back to a pre-wave stage, “he said.

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