New York Cathedral will be turned into a hospital for patients with coronavirus

New York Cathedral In past centuries, churches have always provided shelter to the sick during epidemics. But in modern times this is a novelty.

In the US, the New York Cathedral will be turned into a field hospital for Covid-19 patients starting next week. 180 meters long and 70 meters high, it is one of the largest Protestant churches in the world, home to at least 200 patients with coronavirus.

New York is the largest epidemic outbreak in the United States with more than 120,000 positive coronavirus and about 5,000 deaths reported so far, and about 16,000 patients are already hospitalized. With about 400,000 cases of infection, the United States has set a new sad record as 1150 people have been affected by Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, according to Johns Hopkins University, for a total of more than 11,000. Mark Levine,

President of the Health Commission, warned that the dead could be buried in parks in the coming days, as the morgues are now almost full. In a Twitter post Levine wrote “Soon, if necessary, we will start with temporary burials in parks.

Burial will be done in a dignified, regular and temporary manner. ” President Donald Trump told a daily news conference that the United States was approaching the height of the epidemic and that the country was facing difficult days, noting that more than a million and a half tampons had been made across the United States so far in absolute terms. greater than in other countries.

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