“Coronavirus is a divine punishment for homosexuality,” said the minister who is now infected.

Yaakov Litzman “Coronavirus is a divine punishment for homosexuality!” The Israeli Minister of Health, who made the sensational statement about Covid-19, has been positive about coronavirus.

The news that ultra-conservative Yaakov Litzman has been affected by coronavirus is making the rounds of the world.

The Minister of Health in the government of Benyamin Netanyahu, linked the virus with a punishment of God for homosexual residents.

Known for his homophobic beliefs and bold statements, he came out positive about coronavirus with his wife. Reactions were not lacking from the LGBT community, who flooded in with comments that his infection was karma, revenge of the universe.

Litzman is a rabbi and is suspected of violating the rules of social distancing, participating in various activities of the Haredi community where he belongs.

It was from him that Netanyahu was forced to isolate himself. So far in Israel the total number of people affected by Covid-19 has reached 9006, while the number of victims has reached 61.