Scientists in the dilemma, will the summer heat help defeat COVID-19?

As the world counts 1,277,204 affected and 69,568 lives lost to Covid-19 pandemic, humanity seeks to know the next answer: Will the heat of summer help defeat the virus?

Scientists themselves are questioning whether rising temperatures or summer will slow the spread of coronavirus.

While temperatures in Britain or Europe are expected to rise above 20 degrees Celsius soon, scientists will monitor how the coronavirus reacts to these new conditions.

Influenza epidemics disappear when winter is over, but will coronavirus also occur?

An article in The Guardian states that a study by the coronavirus family, from which COVID-19 originated, was published last week and showed that coronaviruses have a very high number of infections in February and very low in summer.

Other studies show that coronaviruses are seasonal in mild climates.

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