It accounts for over 70,000 global coronavirus victims

According to Johns Hopkins University, the total death toll from coronavirus worldwide has risen to over 70,000.

Meanwhile, the number of infected people around the globe has reached over 1 million 286 thousand people.

Most cases of infections are in the United States – 338 thousand, then in Spain 135 thousand and in Italy 128 thousand. Italy is still in first place in terms of the number of victims with 15 thousand 887 dead.

In second place is Spain with over 13 thousand victims and in third place is the United States with over 9600 victims. China has the highest number of people infected with the virus – over 77,000.

It is followed by Spain with over 40 thousand and Germany with 28 thousand 700 cured. Fortunately, some European countries have reported a drop in the number of victims and infections in recent days.

This includes Italy, Spain, France and Germany. However, the situation is not improving in the United States, where the numbers are growing rapidly.

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