Coronavirus can easily enter your home, these are the most dangerous objects

Although we are all aware that during coronavirus pandemic it is a key issue to maintain proper hygiene and regularly disinfect the home.

The specialized company “Laundryheap” recommends cleaning the most dangerous parts of the house. Connoisseurs and experts have provided professional cleaning tips, and then found that certain objects carry the most germs and that you need to clean them more than usual.

It is about these objects: Kitchen racks Although they look pretty harmless, kitchen cloths are actually a suitable place for the development of numerous harmful bacteria and viruses, including salmonella and Escheriacoli.

Since coronavirus causes increased anxiety, you should now replace kitchen cloths every day. After each use do not leave the cloth on the work table but hang it to dry. If you have very dirty towels or cloths, you can soak them in hot water, add a cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda, then wash in the washing machine in the standard program.

Kitchen gloves The stove oven handles are made of cotton material. Stubborn stains often remain on them, so try to soak the gloves in hot water, then add a cup of white vinegar and soap (in order to eliminate fat).

Pillow cases Now we need to wash the pillowcases more often than the sheets. They can be washed as usual, but if you want a little more freshness, add half a cup of white vinegar depending on the rinsing cycle. It is also recommended to wash pillows and sheets.

Floor bedding If the washing machine is not safe (or not practical), you can call the service which handles the washing services.

If you want to wash them yourself, you can refresh your mattress by adding a little baking soda throughout the tray, then wait 30 minutes and clean with a vacuum cleaner as usual.

Coats and jackets Hand washing will not be effective if our clothes remain dirty. Coats and jackets should be hung immediately, especially if they are wet. Wash and dry as it is written on the maintenance label. You can refresh special water and white vinegar solutions which you will mix in equal parts.

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