Austria will open its stores by early May Sebastian Kurz

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz said today that restaurants, hotels and schools will remain closed at least until mid-May, but that small businesses will be able to start reopening within a few weeks.

Kurtz stressed that the current emergency measures caused by the coronavirus will be extended until the end of April and called on the Austrians to respect the government’s defined measures, as well as the social distance in order to complete the restrictions as soon as possible.

He also said that Austria is doing better than any other country in Europe when it comes to coronavirus.

Kurtz noted that the percentage of infected citizens is very low, only 2.1 percent, and that the number of patients who have recovered is higher than the number of new cases, as there is a decrease in the number of people in intensive care. siv – are now 254.

“Our goal is to open small doors, up to 400 square meters, as well as construction and gardening shops, from April 14, but with the necessary precautions such as mandatory wearing of masks, a limited number of customers and disinfection. our goal is for all stores, centers and salons to be able to work again on May 1.

Gastronomy and hotels will be able to open gradually from mid-May, and we will make a decision in late April. “, Kurtz explained.

As for education, he stressed that all final exams will be held under special measures, while schools will remain closed until mid-May and a decision on further action will be taken in late April.

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