In the United States, COVID-19 residents are being tracked down to find out where they are going.

The court forced a resident to stay at home after the latter refused to self-isolate. The state of Kentucky in the United States has taken strong measures to ensure that residents affected by coronavirus are staying at home.

Residents of Louisville, who have been in contact with coronavirus patients but are refusing to self-isolate, will need to wear bracelets (bracelets) on their ankles. The court forced a resident to stay at home after the latter refused to self-isolate. As CNN learns, it is reported that the person, identified in the court decision as D.L. is living “with someone who has had a positive illness and with someone else who is suspected of being affected as well,” said the confirmation from Dr. Sarah Moyer, Director of the Department of Health. Since he was directly exposed to the easily contagious disease, D.L. was ordered by the court to stay at home since last week.

But, according to some family members, D.L “often leaves the house.” When the D.L. did not heed the advice of the Department of Health, Judge Angela Bisig ordered the Department of Corrections that the person with the initials D.L. to place a device indicating its location for the next 14 days. If D.L. leaves the house again, he or she will be able to be prosecuted, WDRB reports. D.L. is not the first person in Louisville, USA to keep a tracking device at the ankle to stop the spread of coronavirus. Based on WDRB reporting, there are three other cases already known.

Two other people living in the same house – one who tested positive and the other who did not – were forced to be tracked after both refused to stay isolated. The third person, a man, is being held under house arrest after he wrote in the store despite being tested positive for coronavirus. According to the latest advice from this state, only stores that sell groceries can stay open to prevent the spread of coronavirus in this country.

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