USA, over a quarter of a million infected and over 7,000 dead

The United States continues to be the epicenter of global pandemic outbreaks in COVID-19. According to Johns Hopkins University, 278,458 people were affected by the virus and 7,159 died on Saturday.

On Friday, a large number of deaths were recorded within a day, a total of 1423. In almost all countries except 8 countries, orders have been issued for the population to stay at home, these measures affect about 96 percent of the American population. The hottest area in the US in terms of virus spread continues to be the city of New York with 1867 dead.

According to official data, the number of deaths at the state level has tripled in the last three days, to more than 3,000. The situation prompted the governor of New York to take respirators out of the private sector. Officials say, however, that the rate of those hospitalized has stabilized, suggesting that strong social distancing measures imposed a month ago have begun to pay off.

After New York, New Jersey is the country with the largest number of infantry. The federal government recommended that Americans wear masks or use other fabric covers on a voluntary basis to curb the spread of coronavirus. The recommendation comes from the Centers for Disease Control. President Trump added that the new recommendations should not be seen as a substitute for social distancing measures, which are considered critical to slowing down the epidemic.

Worldwide, the virus has affected 1,143,418 people and caused 60,114,000 deaths. The president of the United Nations General Assembly said the 193-member body would take a “next month” decision to decide whether to postpone the annual meeting of world leaders in New York in late September. due to coronavirus pandemic.

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