UEFA finally decides

UEFA finally decides Champions League and Europa League until the end of August. In a video conference held via UEFA leaders and 55 presidents of 55 football federations in Europe, it was decided that priority will be given to the championships and the European Cups will be played in the second half of the summer.

July and August although new dates have not yet been approved by the UEFA Executive Committee. Football in Europe, however, will not resume before the end of May and the beginning of June when the coronavirus situation has calmed down.

However, the top UEFA leaders are clear that it will be very difficult for the championships in Spain and Italy to close before July 31 or August 31, and this could create problems even at the conclusion of the European Cups as the situation in these two states it is very severe than coronavirus.

National games on the program in early June have also been canceled, including the Nations League play-off challenges for a Euro 2020 venue that will be played in the fall. In this way the duel between Northern Macedonia and Kosovo will not be played in early June, with the second delay delayed shortly.

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