New York Madness: Numerous deaths don’t stop citizens from coming out and staying in crowds

In New York, citizens were seen ignoring social distance rules Tuesday, despite Mayor Bill de Blasio warning residents they could face fines of up to $ 500, writes DailyMail.

The pictures show at least five New York City residents sitting and standing close to a Harlem bus stop, ignoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that people should keep six feet away.

Other individuals were seen sitting back on the platform of a train station and on trains. New York State confirmed cases have increased by 9,298 to 75,795 and deaths by 332 to 1,550.

The five municipalities have lasted 40,900 cases, with 932 deaths. It is understood that many New Yorkers are still working and need to use the train and bus system to move to work.

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