Greece not at all humane: Arrests thousands of migrants, deliberately puts them in prisons to spread coronavirus

Greece not at all humane: Arrests thousands of migrants, deliberately puts them in prisons to spread coronavirus immigrants Greece has arrested thousands of migrants suspected of having a coronavirus, placing them in detention centers where the virus is likely to spread even more, according to a human rights group.

Human Rights Watch claimed that authorities in Greece were denying the right of refugees to file asylum applications, including many children and vulnerable people, in abusive conditions. The group says 2,000 migrants and asylum seekers were “arbitrarily arrested” and placed in “unacceptable” neighborhoods.

Groups have warned that an outbreak of the killer coronavirus could easily sweep through those camps, which have seen thousands of people trapped in poor camps fit to house only 6,000. And HRW claims that many of the people who have been forced to isolate include those with disabilities, the elderly and pregnant women, who are living without any health precautions.

The move will actually help keep the virus from spreading to its full stop on the island. Greece, which has received millions of funds from the bloc to assist it in the migrant crisis, has been embroiled in a long-running dispute with Turkey and the EU over its handling of the refugee situation.

Earlier this year, Turkey decided to open its borders because of the EU’s “wrong” approach to resolving the issue. The HRW says governments are able to impose a quarantine on specific people who may have contracted or been exposed to an infectious disease.

Quarantine, the HRW suggests, should only be done to protect public health and not be imposed in an “arbitrary or discriminatory manner”. But HRW argues that Greece has banned migrants because of their immigration status, while not providing accurate details of health protection either by the World Health Organization or by the International Health Regulations.

In a press release, the group added: “Women, men and children are being detained in unsanitary conditions, regardless of whether the country of origin is considered high risk by COVID-19, with no indication that they will be released if it is found that no viruses.

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