Here are the signs that you may have passed the coronavirus, and not realized it!

It is possible that you have passed the coronavirus, at least as experts have observed in recent days, standing up. Experts point out that some people may have recovered from coronavirus even before the epidemic officially began.

If you have had mild forms of these symptoms, you have probably passed the disease successfully. Research conducted at Oxford University showed that there are some clear signs showing this: Eye infection New research has shown that eye infection, such as “It is well known that any infection of the upper respiratory tract can result in viral conjunctivitis as secondary complications, and this is the case with coronavirus,” said scientists who added that the conjunctivitis may not be for everyone. case only symptom but will also have fever, cough or any other sign.

Dry cough One of the most common and well known symptoms of coronavirus is dry cough. Mental fatigue Although this is not officially recognized as a coronavirus symptom, some infected patients have reported this symptom. Temperature Apart from the cough, this is also a more common indicator of coronavirus, but you may have missed it.

Difficulty breathing The feeling of tightness in the chest and the inability to breathe deeply also appear as symptoms. Loss of hearing and smelling sensation Long ago the British Association of Otorhinolaryngology has warned that hearing loss and olfactory sensation may be a symptom of coronavirus.

Problems with the stomach Of the 204 infected people who participated in the study, 48.5 percent reported stomach upset and diarrhea as a symptom. Physical exhaustion Another symptom of coronavirus.

A healthy organism with strong immunity is able to withstand the mild form of the virus itself, so you won’t know you had it. In any case, however, to be sure, it is best to abide by all measures of protection and self-isolation.

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