Bernardeschi and the horror story: Dressed in black I got a knife and …

Bernardeschi Coronavirus has hit the football world as well. Even Juventus star Federico Bernardeschi has suffered the consequences of isolation.

In the next episode of “Home with Juventus”, a program designed by the black and white club to spend these days in isolation, the striker has revealed a curious anecdote about one of his most successful jokes. “I feel good, even though this situation is far from what we used to do every day.

What do I do at home? A little exercise is good because it helps you not think, the more you train the more you will do. Then I listen to music, “said the former Fiorentina player. Then came the special story: “I had a house with a few cars looking out from the yard.

We were watching a horror movie, pretending to go to the bathroom, and I went into the kitchen to get a knife and dress in black. I knocked on the glass with a knife and everyone went crazy. “

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