World-renewned brands redesign their logos to “promote social distance”

World-renewned brands redesign their logos to “promote social distance” – in the fight against coronavirus McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Audi and Volkswagen are just some of the corporate conglomerates that are interpreting “social distancing” with their logo design.

McDonald’s in Brazil shared the golden bows.

The term has become popular recently due to the spread of coronavirus, the Telegraph reports.

A Coca-Cola billboard in Times Square is promoting “Social Distortion” amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

Social distance means staying two meters away from others in an effort to reduce the risk of contracting the disease.

Audi created a remote logo for its social media accounts.

The messages and logos created to promote social distancing have their pros and cons, according to two design experts.

Volkswagen split V and W.

“Our current global situation is no joke. It’s a serious matter, ”said Douglas Sellers, executive creative director for Siegel + Gale for CNN Business.

Nike’s ad was posted to dozens of its players’ social media accounts.

“And brands that design logos remotely have the potential to reduce the severity of what we’re going through,” Sellers said.

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