US hospitals have discovered a new coronavirus symptom shown by young patients

In the words of Vorcheshter’s Director of Public Health Michael Hirsch, hospitals have begun to detect new symptoms in people who have been tested positive for coronavirus

“What we have noticed is that our patients do not come with so many respiratory problems, but with stomach problems,” Hirch said.

As the director of public health explains, stomach ache is the result of patients who develop pneumonia in the lower extremities of the lungs. If the lower extremities are inflamed, irritation to the diaphragm causes pain in the stomach. “As much as we know this disease, we will also see its manifestations that do not respond to the classic picture of dry cough and fever,” Hirsch adds.

“We’re going to see other manifestations,” Hirsch says, adding that most patients with stomach aches have no respiratory symptoms at all. Most young patients have had stomach aches, while older people have had respiratory symptoms.

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