The number of Americans losing jobs as a result of Coronavirus is increasing

An increasing number of Americans are suddenly losing their jobs as a result of the coronavirus that is shutting down industries, businesses and schools.

Economists say the country is already in a recession and according to some estimates, unemployment could rise to 20 percent.Rachelle Yarnell owns a beauty salon in Garetsville, Ohio. She says authorities asked her to shut down the business this week in order to help stop the further spread of Coronavirus.

“When you have no idea how long this whole situation will last how can you predict that you will succeed ?! Last night I cried, I’m usually strong, but all this is very sad, “she says. Yarnell adds that it will help all of its employees apply for unemployment benefits. “We will go through the whole process, provide all the information and make sure they pay their bills,” Yarnell told the Cleveland TV station NEWS.

“I will apply, I have two children at home. I have to take care of them, I have to feed them to get through this situation. I don’t know how long it will take, ”says Nicole Runewicz, salon manager. In Wichita, Kansas, school bus driver Mike Tuttle tells the local KAKE television station that the sudden loss of a job has serious consequences. “It’s disturbing, to destroy emotionally.

It gives you a bad feeling inside, ”he says. Kansas State Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau says all of them like Mike Tuttle can apply for unemployment benefits as well as other benefits due to unforeseen circumstances caused by Coronavirus. “They can apply to receive unemployment benefit and the procedures for these kinds of claims will be accelerated.

They can also get help from the Department for Children and Families if they need help buying food, ”she says. In most people, COVID-19 causes only mild symptoms such as fever and cough. In others, especially the elderly and those suffering from health problems, the virus can cause more severe problems, including pneumonia. The vast majority of people recover after being infected by coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization, those who get sick easily heal for about two weeks, while those who get seriously ill may need three to six weeks to recover.

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