Nobel winner who correctly predicted coronavirus end in China tells when Covid-19 ends

in Italy Michael Levitt A Nobel Prize-winning scientist from Stanford University says the devastating coronavirus pandemic in Italy and New York is finally slowing. Professor Michael Levitt, who correctly predicted the death toll in China, says Italy and New York are “in good shape”.

They are the two most affected countries in the world, with 157,000 cases together while the number of affected globally is 736,000. Italy became the epicenter of the pandemic after China took control of the situation, but the US, with a population size five times larger, quickly took its place.

New York is the most affected state there, with 59,513 cases confirmed. Levitt backs up his claim that Italy has recorded around 5000-6000 new cases a day over the past 10 days. China, with a population of 1.4 billion, records 81,439 cases and has 3,300 deaths.

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