All that Messi had said at the age of 16 in the first interview as a Barcelona player

For nearly two decades, Lionel Messi has made many fans around the world admire football because of his game. But there was a time when the Argentine was just a promising talent, expected to bring great success to the Camp Nou. Back in 2003, Messi had his first interview as a Barcelona player on club television after signing his first professional contract.

“They called me, told me they would make me a professional player and it was something ambitious,” Messi said when he was 16. “Here, players aged 18, 19 continue to play in the academy, but in Argentina with 16 or 17 you play in the first league, as there is not much money there.” The Argentine had joined Barcelona later, after being discovered in his hometown.

But the striker has discovered that life in Spain was not easy. “In my first season, I had a hard time here,” he continued. “The first six months were difficult because I didn’t even have the papers.” “In the first game I was injured and I was unemployed for two months. It was an ugly thing, after losing my faith, I was locked in my room, I didn’t talk to anyone. ” “However, days later – the teammates started communicating with me, we were a little closer and stayed together longer.”

When he turned 17, Messi wants to make his debut for the second team and at least be a reservist there. “I wanted to move to Barcelona B immediately and not play in C. When I moved to B, I was able to see the first team players too and the enthusiasm was great,” he added. Messi quickly got into the first team and from there he has managed to win six Golden Ball and many trophies with Barcelona, ​​being one of the best in the history of football, not to say the best.

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