We’re not staying away from each other long enough

Two meters is not enough A new study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) concluded that the two-meter distance people are keeping to prevent coronavirus spreading should be fourfold greater.

Currently, people have been required to maintain a distance of 1.5m to 2m from others while waiting in line. However, MIT’s new analysis found that viral splashes that cough and sneeze, at humid and warm temperatures, can travel at speeds of up to 10-30 meters per second and can create a cloud of seven to seven dimensions. eight meters. Researchers also warned that sprinklers can stay in the air for hours, following the movement of air that causes cooling / heating systems.

Virus fragments have been found in the ventilation systems of coronavirus patient rooms, and the team at MIT researchers believe that these particles have gone out in the form of clouds.Chat conversation endType a message…

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