Coronavirus alert in New York, mobile morgue built in front of hospital – all roads empty

Just days after New York officials ordered residents to stay locked in their homes, authorities have been activated to fight the potential public health crisis in the city most affected by coronavirus in the US. They have taken all the necessary action, even building a makeshift mobile mortar that stands in front of the hospital, and the city police have been asked to patrol and clear the streets of the city so that no public gatherings would endanger the spread. hereafter COVID-19.

Public health officials are demanding beds and various medical equipment, urging doctors and nurses to come out in fear that the number of those affected in the coming days may be as high as in Italy and Spain. . The University of New York has offered temporary medical degrees to medical students to join the fight against coronavirus.

The death toll in the United States has risen to more than 800 and with more than 60,000 infected, while in New York alone, more than 30,000 cases of COVID-19 have been registered and 300 more have been lost. Governor Andrew Cuomo, meanwhile, has attributed the city to the virus because of the large number of New York City residents and over 9 million sharing the same subway, elevators, offices and buildings, noting that New York is a gateway to the US for passengers from all over the world.

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