Will COVID-19 be extinguished in the summer?

Scientists are conducting studies, exposing the coronavirus at different temperatures, to see the changes this virus undergoes, writes Livescience. A recent study by the University of Utah is being done precisely to help health officials understand how coronavirus responds to different temperatures. A very common question is whether wine will be able to reduce the intensity of the virus.

Coronavirus spreads just like the influenza virus, by coughing, sneezing or mucus dripping into the air. The question of how these droplets spread and how infectious they are at different temperatures has been studied by a physicist named Michael Vershini and his team.

According to him, viruses do not have the ability to do anything “alone”, so they must live in host cells to replicate. To analyze this, scientists have created some synthetic versions of viruses, but without viral genomes inside, which means they will not be infectious and will be safe to work with. “We are using these synthetic versions of viruses to analyze under what conditions the virus disintegrates or loses its intensity of infection,” Vershini said.

Based on this study, which is still being done, some preliminary results suggest that the virus most likely reduces the intensity at higher temperatures. Researchers hope to find out exactly how the virus is transmitted at different temperatures. According to them, this will not be a vaccine, it will not solve this world crisis, but it will provide proper information to doctors and the continuation of this crisis.

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