Croatia takes action on virus, hospital beds set up at Zagreb stadium

Authorities in Croatia have begun laying hospital beds at the Zagreb Arena Stadium. It is expected to accommodate patients who are not in serious condition and who are being treated at local hospitals. This measure will be taken in order to free up more places in hospitals for people infected with the Covid-19 virus.

These beds are being deployed by civil defense members, the National Civil Protection Authority said in a statement. Finally, eight new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in Croatia, bringing the total number of infected to 113 in the former Yugoslav republic. “The epidemiological situation is showing signs of local transmission of the virus. However, this is not important now, because a few days ago we decided to raise our defense to a higher level. We know the number of infected, we know the dynamics with which this number is growing, we expect more cases in the coming days, but for now we are happy with the situation and will try to keep it as long as possible. ” , said Croatian Health Minister Vili Beros.

Croatian army personnel began assembling tents Thursday and setting up a camp in front of Dubrava Hospital in Zagreb. The capacity of the camp will be 270 beds. The camp will be built in the field hospital style, but can also be used for civil purposes in the event of natural disasters.

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