According to Germany: The covid-19 vaccine may be ready in the fall

We are all waiting for the vaccine that will save us from this Covid-19 virus. The head of the German biotech firm in Tybingen, CureVac, Franz Werner Haas, has announced that tens of thousands of people could be supplied with a Corona virus vaccine by autumn. Relevant data for this will be available in the third quarter of the year, Haas told German magazine Wirtschaftwoche – Economic Week. “If the data is good, and the authorities give their OK, then we can start this year with an extensive study.” Tens of thousands of people may already receive the vaccine, Haas said. “Whether the large-scale vaccine is available this year or in 2021 depends on the conclusions of the clinical trials and the decision of the relevant authorities.” An existing facility could produce, according to him, “200-400 million doses of vaccine a year” against the Corona virus.

The first phase of production has already begun. CureVac, which recently received 80m euros in support from the European Union, seeks to use EU investment to expand production facilities,. In 2022 the expansion of the ward may be operational. “We can produce 1 billion doses of vaccine and more against the virus annually,” Haas told the paper. The unit can also be used for the production of other vaccines in the event of similar outbreaks of the epidemic.

In mid-March it was announced that President Donald Trump had attempted to provide the US with a high-cost vaccine exclusively for the US. After several media reports, the firm stated that there had been no such attempt by the US president.

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