A company in the UK has created 5,000 jobs for people affected by Coronavirus

The Co-op supermarket will create 5,000 temporary jobs, in an effort to provide temporary employment to employees who lost their jobs in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, the company announced. According to foreign media outlets, the Telegraph reports, the retail giant said it is streamlining the recruitment process so that successful candidates can start working within days. Permanent jobs will also be offered by the 2,600 Co-op stores across the UK. Jo Whitfield, chief executive of Co-op Food, said: “Co-op has a critical role to play in supporting our members, our customers and our colleagues, as well as the local communities where our stores are at the heart of.” While our shop and warehouse colleagues are working hard to make sure people have the things they need, we are all very aware that many people working in bars, cafes and restaurants are currently out of work. “We are talking to a large number of organizations whose workers have been affected by this situation.” “For anyone in this position looking for a job in one of our stores, our message is simple – please get in touch now. We have made the application process faster and we hope to have new colleagues in the field within a day or two. “

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