France introduces possible drug to defeat coronavirus

The French pharmaceutical company Sanofi has announced it is ready to provide the French authorities with antimalarial medicine in the fight against the new coronavirus that has claimed thousands of lives around the world.

In a recent clinical trial, Plaquenil was tested in 24 patients, and after six days, the virus had disappeared in three-quarters of them. The testing was conducted by Professor Didier Raoult, director of the Mediterranee Infection University Medical Institute, a Marseille-based research institute. Sanofi said they possess several million doses, enough to treat 300,000 people infected with COVID-19. “Sanofi is committed to making his treatment available in France,” the company spokesman said in a press release.

The institute has published several papers in medical journals over the past two weeks about the effectiveness of Plaquenil, a hydroxylchlorine molecule that has been used and used for decades to treat various diseases caused by infection and rheumatoid arthritis. Health Minister Olivier Veran said tests should be done on a larger number of patients to verify the results. “I have recorded the results and given the authorization so that more testing can be started by other teams as soon as possible,” he said.Chat conversation endType a message…

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