NBA “fan-less” matches due to coronavirus

NBA “fan-less” matches due to coronavirus, LeBron James explodes and says I won’t play The contagious disease that has affected almost the whole world may soon spread to the United States of America. While European clubs are canceling matches and some championships are being played without fans, this has not yet happened in America in MLS and NBA matches. But the NBA has made it clear to clubs that they need to be prepared to play without fans if need be. And Los Angeles Lakers basketball player LeBron James was asked about the subject. The California star has said that if a decision is made that the games are played without fans, he will not play at all. “No fan games? No. It’s a simple answer, “said James. “I won’t play unless we have the fans in the stands, for them to play,” James continued. “I play for my teammates, for the fans. If we have a game where there are no fans, then I will not play, ”said James frustrated. James excelled with the Lakers jersey in the victory over the Milwaukee Bucks 113: 103 in a match where the ‘King’ scored 37 points.

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