Why smokers are more at risk for coronavirus ?

If you are a regular smoker, chances are your lungs are damaged Recently, given the spread of Covid-19 that damages the lungs, it has placed the case of smokers at the center of studies. Statistics show that in China men diagnosed with Covid-19 account for just over half of all cases. In China, more than half of men are smokers, while women who smoke are 2% less than them. Smoking can be an important factor in terms of infection. Exposure to tobacco and its products impairs the body’s ability to fight infections, and coronavirus is no exception. Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system and the lungs are the most important organ of this system because they exchange oxygen gases and carbon dioxide, writes Anabel. That said, smokers may be more susceptible to coronavirus because their body has less ability to ward off infection. Experts are still working on complete coronavirus analysis, so by then all people should be without exception highly hygienic.