Turkey accuses Greece of killing migrants

Turkey accuses Greece of killing migrants Turkish officials say Greek security forces killed one migrant and injured five others while trying to cross the border between the two countries, while Greece accused Ankara of spreading fake news. According to two Turkish officials and the office of the governor of Edirne province, a migrant died in a hospital after being wounded in the chest when Greek police used ammunition near the Pazarkula border crossing and injured migrants suffered head and leg injuries. A senior Greek army official and government spokesman, Stelios Pecas, denied the allegations. “Turkey is spreading fake news. I categorically oppose it,” Pecas said. He added that tear gas was used by migrants against Greek forces. Yesterday, Greece also denied claims by Turkish officials that police had killed three migrants who tried to enter the country. Greek authorities fired tear gas and grenades this morning to disperse an influx of migrants seeking entry into Turkey after the latter announced it would open its borders.